Bricolage (Album)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 1997-06-01

Track Listing

  • Stoney Street
  • Easy Muffin
  • Yasawas
  • Creatures
  • Chomp Samba
  • New York Editor
  • Defocus
  • The Nasty
  • Bitter & Twisted
  • Wires & Snakes
  • One Day In My Garden
  • Dream Sequence
  • One Small Step
  • Mission


“Bricolage is darker and moodier than a riot policeman with a serious grudge…Amon’s productions still wield a trademark off-kilter swing that mark them out from the morass of would-be left-field beat music. And that’s just the drums. The topping - finely chopped jazz that’s never heard the phrase ‘nice’ and sub-aquatic exotica too busy being downright classy to rip the Levi’s off passing sailors - is tastier still, either cooling or, more often that not, restless and liable to snap at any moment.” - NME

Amon draws on his drum & bass, hip hop blues, jazz and samba influences, puts them in the blender, and makes an original hypnotic, sleazy, exotic cocktail. Mmmmm!” - Knowledge Magazine