Kitchen Sink Remixes (EP)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 2007-11-06

Track Listing

  • Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix)
  • Kitchen Sink (Sixtoo Remix)
  • Kitchen Sink (Noisia Remix)
  • Kitchen Sink (Boxcutter Remix)
  • Kitchen Sink (Sixtoo Vocal Mix)


Foley Room, as you may remember, was built solely using found sounds recorded by Tobin and a team of technicians. These sounds were then manipulated to create the kind of audio rush that Tobin is rightly renowned for. The title of “Kitchen Sink” hopefully gives you some clue as to the origins of the noises involved, but now these sources have been farmed out to an intrepid and international band of remxers.

Warp’s Clark kicks things off with a mix that can only be described as akin to watching a ballerina rise up out of a music box carrying a chainsaw. Dreamy, childlike, oddly funky and scary. Canadian MC/producer and Ninja-mate Sixtoo gives the original a lacerating acid drive and hypnotic groove. Avant gardists Noisia deconstruct the d&b blueprint, leaving gaps in their rollouts and a fairytale atmosphere beneath pounding drums. Whilst Boxcutter (known to his mum as Barry Lynn) ups the intensity a notch further with a seething, intricately-detailed dub-stepper on which he drops a backward guitar solo during the breakdown.


"Staggering Dynamism. 5/5" - The Times

“Sounds like Squarepusher and Sun Ra trading secrets. Dope.” - One Week To Live