Monthly Joints Series (Album)

Released: 2010-09-07

Track Listing

  • Delpher
  • Shut Down
  • It's A Lovely Night
  • Eight Sum
  • At Work
  • Technique
  • Dualistic
  • Twelvses
  • Hey Mr. Tree
  • Trickstep


In 2009, Amon decided to embark on a project releasing one song a month entirely independently from official projects, a release valve for ideas that were fully realized but didn't fit stylistically with his own album in progress. The result was the Monthly Joints Series, a collection of 10 songs that stand together as outcasts, yet each one exceptional in its own stubbornly genre-less way. Leaked over the course of the year, fans eagerly snatched up the high-quality digital versions of these bad boys.  Amon packaged the songs together into a digital compilation and limited-edition picture disc vinyl featuring 4 of the Monthly Joints to celebrate the release of his entire back catalogue of music on