Out From Out Where (Album)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 2002-10-14

Track Listing

  • Back From Space
  • Verbal
  • Chronic Tronic
  • Searchers
  • Hey Blondie
  • Rosies
  • Cosmo Retro Intro Outro
  • Triple Science
  • El Wraith
  • Proper Hoodidge
  • Mighty Micro People


Amon Tobin continues his adventures with the breakbeat on "Out From Out Where", his fourth album. Darker, more complex, even more rhythmically driving and intense than previous albums. When Amon takes a sample source he is never happy until he has warped, filtered and f**ked with it until it sounds like something straight from his head. And not just anywhere in his head, but that dingy, cobwebbed corner where no one should go. Shut the door, close the windows. Be afraid…


“Something brooding always rumbles underneath and rattles grittily above. Nothing is left to chance, each sound shaped so that it blends into the next, however odd a pairing they would normally make. Deceptively straight up, but with a twist.” – The Guardian

 “[Amon’s] fourth album cements a reputation for harrowing, subterranean ambience. It’s claustrophobic, neurotic and occasionally nightmarish – perhaps not ideal home entertainment, but rest assured, if 007 wants something truly 21st century to save the world to, this is what it might sound like.” – Q