Permutation (Album)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 1998-06-01

Track Listing

  • Like Regular Chickens
  • Bridge
  • Reanimator
  • Sordid
  • Nightlife
  • Escape
  • Switch
  • Sultan Drops
  • Fast Eddie
  • Toys
  • Nova
  • People Like Frank


“Permutation' is the cut 'n' paste philosophy of hip hop taken to the nth degree, but so deft is the sampling and arrangement that the old (i.e. original jazz breaks and their crescendos) become the fiercest of foundations for a new angle on drum ‘n’ bass” - Jockey Slut


“[Amon’s] biography makes clear the extent of his travel and experiences, which contribute to a far more diversified musical personality than that of many of his contemporaries. the first half of the disc, Tobin cruises the less frenetic end of the drill ‘n’ bass spectrum, while on the second he ventures farther afield. Some of the juxtapositions are loosely evocative of New York downtempo jazz iconoclasm; witness the trad jazz clarinet and percussion brushwork of ‘Switch’, with its segue into the loping contrabass and chordal electronics of ‘People like Frank’. The whole enterprise, however, rests on the shifting sands of electronic evanescence and discombobulated breakbeat. ‘Fast Eddie’, which begins as a laconic tribute to Eddie Palmieri, tumbles through whorls of ambient Marrakech noises, before falling into some nouveau drum ‘n’ bass. A lightly dizzying cut, it typifies the joyous spirit of Tobin’s invention.” – The Wire