Piranha Breaks (EP)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 1997-11-05

Track Listing

  • Piranha Breaks
  • Fast Eddie


"How does a record like Piranha Breaks avoid novelty status? It seems as though its conceit--adapting the ensemble drum-corps pyrotechnics of Tobin's native Brazil to the experimental computer sequencing of British drum & bass--should be little more than a conceit, a jokey cross-cultural hook to hang an EP on. But Tobin finds such expressive common ground between ritual drumming and fashionable electronica that the results aren't simply great music--they suggest a kind of eerie alternate history. Jelly Roll Morton spoke of jazz's Spanish tinge generations before Dizzy Gillespie invented Cubop, his blending of Cuban music and jazz. With Piranha Breaks, Tobin puts electronic music under a spell from which it may never entirely wake." - Amazon.com