Supermodified (Album)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 2000-05-01

Track Listing

  • Get Your Snack On
  • Four Ton Mantis
  • Slowly
  • Marine Machines
  • Golfer versus Boxer
  • Deo
  • Precursor
  • Saboteur
  • Chocolate Lovely
  • Rhino Jockey
  • Keepin' It Steel
  • Natureland



Some darkside psychedelia for twisted knickers and teflon dons. Amon has a way of combining the hauntingly, dauntingly, flauntingly beautiful with the harshest, huffiest, stripped and screaming beats around. Sometimes it leaves you feeling sorry for your speakers. 



"Amon Tobin creates aural treasures each time he touches studio equipment. He breathes vitality into a stagnant genre with each drum hit. He rejuvenates the pallid genre of electronica every time he permits the world to glance through the twisted digital window of his music…the manifold deity of digital polyrhythms, descended upon this wretched corporeal shell of a world to illuminate the path to enlightenment through sonic perfection." - Pitchfork


"A culmination for its cinematic, operatic soundscapes...utterly unique" - Magnet