Taxidermia (Soundtrack)

Released: 2008-06-11

Track Listing

  • Run Part !
  • Blood Sweat And More Blood
  • Taxidermia
  • Run
  • Bath Scene (Here Comes The Moon Man)
  • Rural Soldiers
  • Introducing The Son
  • Factory Training
  • Taxidermia (Magpie Mix)


Amon Tobin's soundtrack for the critically acclaimed movie Taxidermia (dir. György Pálfi) 


The score takes an old school approach to music for cinema with recurring themes set in various contexts guided by the narrative. A musical depiction of some truly bizarre imagery, this album includes previously unreleased full-length versions of music from the film alongside short pieces made for specific scenes. As a bonus, we included the epic 'Here Comes The Moon Man' heard here in its original context. The music for Taxidermia was written during the making of Foley Room and shares elements from the albums lovingly crafted source material.