Two Fingers Instrumentals (Album)

Label:Big Dada

Released: 2009-09-07

Track Listing

  • That Girl (Instrumental)
  • Two Fingers (Instrumental)
  • Better Get That (Instrumental)
  • Doing My Job (Instrumental)
  • Broken (Stance) Rhythm
  • One Flute Rhythm
  • Straw Men (Instrumental)
  • Not Perfect (Instrumental)
  • Keman Rhythm
  • Scott Foster Rhythm
  • Moth Rhythm
  • Twelvses (Two Fingers Remix)
  • Bad Girl (Instrumental)
  • High Life (Instrumental)
  • Sinus Rhythm
  • Have It Like That (Instrumental)
  • Combat Rhythm
  • Jewels and Gems (Instrumental)
  • What You Know (Two Fingers Remix)
  • Marmite Rhythm
  • Trickstep Rhythm
  • Subway Rhythm


Bearing in mind the producers involved, it was inevitable that Two Fingers would produce an instrumental version of their critically-acclaimed eponymous debut. What was perhaps less inevitable is that a twelve track album would become a twenty-two track instrumental album. Amon Tobin and Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman have provided instrumentals to the ten vocal tracks on the original record and then doubled up with another ten new instrumentals, all as glacial, exhilarating and hard as the beats on the original release.



“Two Fingers has a deadly focus and intent” – The Wire 


“A true lesson in futurism” - iDJ