Verbal (EP)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 2002-10-07

Track Listing

  • Verbal
  • Cougar Merkin
  • The Whole Nine
  • Verbal (Instrumental)


How nasty is Amon Tobin? No, really. Verbal, featuring the vocal talents of MC Decimal R, starts off (for all of ooh, thirty seconds) as a beautiful acoustic guitar driven headnodder. Then the man drops the beat and hell doesn't so much freeze over as jump out your speakers. Slathered in sub-bass with enough wobble to make multiple Big Mac consumers tremble at 50 yards, the whole tune then warps off into the sort of dream/nightmare territory that Mr Tobin has made his own over the last few years. Spooky, catchy and irresistibly fucking great all at once, prepare to be afraid, very afraid, some time very soon. And to rather enjoy it, too.

“Dark glacial soundscapes, flying Batucada percussion with drum & bass production precision and tweeter-busting hip hop breaks. It could only be bad ass Tobin showing blatant disregard for a ‘summer vibe’, and instead taking the listener through the darker recesses of his twisted mind.” - DJ

“It’s GBH on the earhole. Not for the faint hearted.” – Breakin’ Point