Verbal Remixes and Collaborations (EP)

Label:Ninja Tune

Released: 2003-07-07

Track Listing

  • Untitled
  • I'll Have the Waldorf Salad
  • Hot Korean Moms
  • Ten Piece Metric Wrench Set
  • Ownage
  • Verbal (Prefuse 73 Dipped Escalade Mix)
  • Verbal (Topo Giglo Remix)
  • Verbal (Kid 606 Dancehall Devastation Mix)
  • Verbal (Boom Bip Remix)


Here we have Amon's work alongide a galaxy of stars - from turntabliser Kid Koala (on the Untitled, Specials-play-spooky-jazz opener), monkey-kid Bonobo (discovering his inner psychotic chez Tobin), longtime Koala decks-partner P-Love (cutting it up as only he can when thinking of mothers of a Korean persuasion), all-time Lesson legend Steinski (also playing with his Tools) and Double Click (classic Permutation-era bass nastiness when the techno bods collide). They're all blindingly good (and if that isn't enough, the album also includes all the Verbal remixes from the likes of Prefuse 73, Kid 606, Boom Bip and Topo Gigio) but the really scary thing is how much like Amon they all sound. Yes, we are sorry to report, cups of hot cocoa were spilt in the making of this record. Just because he likes to have friends round, doesn't mean he isn't mean to them…

“Coming from the far left of leftfield Mr Tobin likes to weave an intriguing tapestry of sound. Intticate beats meet with waving soundscapes in a menacing manner…uneasy listening but magnetic.” – Straight No Chaser