What You Know (Single)

Label:Big Dada

Released: 2009-01-05

Track Listing

  • What You Know
  • What You Know (Emalkay Remix)
  • What You Know (Radio Version)
  • What You Know (Emalkay Clean Version)
  • What You Know (Instrumental)
  • What You Know (Emalkay Instrumental)


The first, explosive emanation from a unique new collaboration, “What You Know” is delivered with all the impact of a knockout blow to the solar plexus. Hi-tech but rugged as hell, “What you Know” sounds like “Blade Runner” re-enacted in Tottenham, a juggernaut rhythm laced with the finest of lyrics. 


"Amon Tobin, Sway and Doubleclick track a path from The Wild Bunch to Boxcutter via Baha Men creating casual brilliance as they go." - Time Out