Amon Tobin + Tessa Farmer present: ISAM: Control Over Nature - Crypt Gallery

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To mark the release of Amon Tobin's highly anticipated new album 'ISAM', due for release May 23rd, the electronic pioneer has come together with highly respected Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer on a revolutionary, collaborative installation.

'Control Over Nature' will combine Amon Tobin's sound design and elements of the forthcoming album, alongside Farmer's trademark sculptures (constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, dead insects and bones). Hovering with a rarefied, jewel-like beauty,Tessa's tiny spectacles resound with a theurgist exotica: their specimen forms borrow from Victorian occultism to evolve as something alien and futuristic.

The collaboration perfectly captures the themes surrounding 'ISAM': sensory deprivation, disorienting situationism and the mechanisation of natural things.

"There is common ground between Tessa and I" says Amon, "we're both re-arranging and augmenting natural elements to make something imagined but tangible. We are both exploring new uses for familiar materials, or in Tessa's case familiar creatures. I'm trying to take an objective approach to all my source material, whether it's field recording or synthesis based or a mixture of the two. I'm treating it all as musically/creatively relevant and useful."

Tessa's work will feature heavily throughout the 'ISAM' campaign as a whole, with the album artwork being dedicated to her creatures: "ISAM is beautiful, surprising, playful, disturbing and unnerving at times. It has an incredible energy, to which I am responding to instinctively, conjuring scenes that reflect the varying moods of the tracks. The scenes are action packed, but frozen in motion - to be animated by the viewer's imagination and Amon's music."

'Control Over Nature' will run at The Crypt Gallery in Euston from Thursday 26th May until Sunday 5th June 2011, with the private view taking place on Wednesday 25th May (6-9pm). There will also be a limited number of signed prints on sale.