Amon's Musical History in a New Free Download + Update on Classic Free Goodies

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Amon is just one of those artists that has such an impressive catalogue of music, it can be a bit daunting to know where to dive in if you're just beginning to get familiar. Or perhaps you're the kind of fan that knows every track he's ever released and you're up to the challenge of testing your musical knowledge.

To celebrate the launch of the new webstore, we are proud to bring you a very special mix compiled by DJ Rich Ears entitled 'Who The Hell Is Amon Tobin?' This carefully-constructed exploration of Amon's creative history is a delicious dip in the toes for long-time fans and curious folks alike. 

The Amsterdam-based DJ Rich Ears has stitched together some pretty impressive mixes over the last couple of years featuring electronic music heavyweights, which are all available via his Soundcloud page. He recently snagged a spot on the Solid Steel Radio Program with a killer ambient mix. Click here for up-to-date info.

You can grab the mix by clicking for free download, where you'll be added to the Amon Tobin newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on the latest news regarding releases, merchandise and behind-the-scenes goodies!

In related news, you may have noticed we've tweaked the user experience on the site here. You can now access Free Amon Downloads (aka Classic Freebies) without a site account. We'll be showcasing fresh Free Amon Downloads every month, and oh my word, you best believe there's a serious crop of greatness waiting in the wings.  

Please note a site account is still necessary for joining conversations on the Amon Tobin forum

Thanks again for your continued support!

(Who The Hell Is Amon Tobin? Artwork Credit: @wilbertleering)