ISAM Questions Answered

A few days ago, we at AmonTobinHQ invited questions about the new ISAM album.

Thank you to everyone who posted questions -- and special thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered the album!

The following questions were grabbed from the Facebook page and from Twitter.

Q: what part of the production process did you spend the most time on with this project?


I did spend allot of time learning new techniques in sound and instrument design. I spent about six months learning new software and hardware then the same amount of time adapting them to my needs.

Q: What tune/s are you most satisfied with?


I love all my children : )

Q: What part of the creative process did you enjoy the most? hate, if any?


I love'd learning new things. being surprised by it all.

Q:were you working on any other side projects we haven't heard about while doing this one? and if so, do you feel that had an influence to this album in some way?


this is the only long term thing I've been working on for the last couple of years. I put aside pretty much all sound track work and shows.. my extensive commitments to charity work, spiritual consultation to the stars and fighting crime. basically anything that would have been sensible or unselfish to do and instead dedicated myself completely to making this record.

Q: what everyone wants to know, what can we expect?


a labor of love made without a shred of a care for much else.

Q:Is this album an extension of Foley Room, or totally different?


in many ways it's a logical step from sampling to foley/field recording to now the synthesis of field recordings incorporating acoustic modeling and multisampling techniques amongst other things.

Q:What gear / interesting technology / secret sauce went into making the record? Was every sound sampled?


the sauce is secret I'm afraid because much of the software and instrument build techniques I've either developed myself or adapted specifically for my own needs. so perhaps less secret than irrelevant to anyone else. in any case it's safe to say there are no samples on this record.

Q:Track N°5 (Lost & Found) is the same version of the track on Ninja Tune XX ? If answer is yes, we have a little way to ISAM. Lost & found is a very good track i love it !


thanks yes it is. Q :Amon's version of Sunhammer might have been on it. Is there plans to release this?


this is planned for the two fingers album.

Q: What do you use to produce your tracks ? do you know how I could buy the machine that you used for the Noisia remix (or a similar one)?


if you are talking about the video on my site, the controller surface is called a continuum and is made by haaken. the sound in the clip that was used for the noisia remix is something I built though and isn't generated by the continuum.

Q: can u haev sex to it,or does it icrease the dangers of suddenly becomeing naked?


you should do a test with a control group in a neutral environment and report back.

Q: Not really a question. Just to say that I grew up on your music. It got me thorough all the times in school and I thank you. I will always be a supporter of your music.


thankyou very much

Q: -Is there some of the old fashioned jazz influence that seeps out of the rest of your records? To me, that is your sound.


no. I really get what you mean but back in the 1990's what I was trying to do with that sound was as exiting to me as what I'm trying to do now. to the great majority of people it also met with the same amount of resistance to change from the tried and tested. so what I'm trying to say is I'll never be able to deliver a comfortable familiar sound long as I'm exited about music and it's possibilities.

Q:Oh yea, one last or is the cover art related to the title of the album and music? please explain....


it's a reordering of natural things.. like the music.

Thanks again for asking, for visiting and reading. Comments / linkbacks welcome!