Kind Words from All Kinds

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"Amon tobin was one of the reasons I signed to ninja back in the day He's incepted from the drum n bass scene but became so much more.. And was a link to me between sampling / synths / spookyness / straight party. He always looked out for me and showed support before the rest!"

"How does that cat do it?! keep pushing his sounds further out... i love his shit"
Flying Lotus

"Amon is truly unique, one of the all time brightest stars in the electronic world."
Mike Patton

"Through his arrangements, sound design and engineering its clear to me that Amon is undoubtably one of electronic music's greatest wizards."

"There are very few artists like Amon Tobin who have made such a long lasting and multi dimensional impression on me. I hold John Cage, Tom Waits, Susumu Yokota, Peter Gabriel and Aphex Twin in the same regard."

"Since 1998 ive known that Amon Tobin can make sounds from the inside of a fax machine into some of the heaviest beats on earth."
The Gaslamp Killer

"Amon's sense of orchestration is superb. Like Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, and Maurice Ravel before him his palette is wide and refreshing. I love that his musical vision is unbounded and is expanding at a faster rate than the rest of the universe. The music of Amon Tobin makes me feel more alive."
David Harrington (Kronos Quartet)

"Amon tobin has very kind eyes, and beautiful soft hair. Besides that (that and his gentle voice) his music is also a constant inspiration and has been a major influence on us."
Thijs (Noisia)