Ninja Tune XX Anniversary

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Ninja Tune is celebrating their 20th anniversary in style. The label recently announced a Sept 20th "big-as-big-bollo*ks" boxed set release, featuring 3 hardcover cases stuffed with CDs, 7"s, videos and a book "Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces" by Steve Chick.

Amon Tobin has been a huge part of Ninja Tune's history and will be prominently featured in this glorious compilation. We'll be leaking more details over the next few weeks. For now, let's just say there may be some stunning remixes…possibly some fresh Two Fingers music…quite likely incredible reinterpretations of selected Amon works…perhaps an insanely awesome new video…and maybe, just maybe, a sneak peek at some new music from Amon's upcoming album.

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