North American ISAM Live tour officially SOLD OUT!

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The biggest tour story of fall 2011 is definitely Amon Tobin’s ISAM: Live. The first time in the artist’s history that he's presented his music in a cutting-edge visual format is taking North America by storm. By far the hottest ticket on the concert circuit, ALL DATES are completely sold out and at a record pace. The tour's ambitious nature and stunning presentation has been already been toasted by everyone from Billboard, Wired, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Flaunt, LA Times, URB, Time Out New York, Filter... don’t take it from us, though!


“Nothing less than awe-inspiring” -Billboard

“The concert of the future, today” -Gizmodo

"ISAM's live show looks like a mindf*&k of the highest order." –Wired

"Isam is Amon Tobin’s Metropolis, his Koyaanisqatsi." -CitySound

"One of the most exciting live shows I've seen this year. " -OC Weekly

"Amon Tobin is a groundbreaking performer without contemporaries, complex beyond his inspirations." -Examiner

"It was joyous, unsettling, energizing and, judging from the sweat and writhing, comprehensively thumpadelic." - LA Weekly

“the ISAM Tour is a unique music experience that will most certainly be a creative benchmark in the next generation of live music technology innovation.” -Jambase

"Amon Tobin’s massively ambitious live setup seems to have to be seen to be believed." -The Daily Swarm

“If there was one figure in electronic music whose body of work and industry acclaim beg for superstardom, it’s Tobin” –Denver Post

“It’s not often that a performance by a world-renowned DJ leaves fans speechless instead of sweaty. ” – LA Times

"How do you explain to someone how genius and perfectly expressed a piece of art is unless they’ve had a personal experience with it? You can’t."-URB

“Stop by Tobin’s website or pull up any of the numerous YouTube clips under “ISAM live,” and you’ll see evidence of an eye-popping kinetic spectacle that makes recent outings by Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin look like soft-coded light shows” -Time Out New York

“The music on ISAM is a perfect backdrop for the pseudo-holographic quality of the visual show. He, like his Ninja Tune labelmates, is carving out his own niche in electronic music with a NASA-grade sound synthesis that is light-years beyond the untz-untz of electro.” - Boulder Weekly


09-28-11, Vancouver BC, Vogue Theatre *SOLD OUT*

09-29-11, Seattle WA, Paramount Theatre *SOLD OUT*

10-01-11, San Francisco CA, The Warfield *SOLD OUT*

10-02-11, San Francisco CA, The Warfield *SOLD OUT*

10-15-11, Pomona CA, Fox Theater *SOLD OUT*

10-16-11, Los Angeles CA, Music Box *SOLD OUT*

10-18-11, Boulder CO, Boulder Theatre *SOLD OUT*

10-19-11, Denver CO, Ogden Theatre *SOLD OUT*

10-21-11, Chicago IL, Congress Theater *SOLD OUT*

10-23-11, Toronto ON, Opera House *SOLD OUT*

10-24-11, Montreal PQ, Metropolis *SOLD OUT*

10-25-11 Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Masonic Temple *SOLD OUT*

10-26-11, Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Masonic Temple *SOLD OUT*

10-27-11, Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Masonic Temple *SOLD OUT*

10-29-11, Asheville NC, Moog Fest (Festival Passes)

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