Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian


A Record Store Day exclusive release (not sold online), Dark Jovian incorporates 2 single-sided heavyweight 180g white vinyl 12”s with etched markings, encased in a white, branded, rubber wheel and housed in a transparent plastic box. Designed by Alexander Brown. Like the heavenly bodies that inspired Dark Jovian, and the golden discs sent into space as messages from Earth, the EP's packaging is enigmatic and beautiful in appearance. Topped off with remixes from Lee Gamble, Logos and Eprom, Dark Jovian is the latest work from a master of his form. Dark Jovian is available from your local favorite indie record shop.

Dark Jovian
In Your Own Time
Adrastea Contact
Encounter on Io
Encounter on Io (Lee Gamble Reshape)
Adrastea Contact (Logos Remix)
In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix)

"I made these tracks a year or two ago after binge-watching space exploration films. People have, from time to time, described things I've done as "scores for imaginary movies," which has always irritated me, but on this occasion it's sort of true.

Even so, what I was really trying to do was to interpret a sense of scale, like moving towards impossibly giant objects until they occupy your whole field of vision, planets turning, or even how it can feel just looking up at night.

I wanted it to pace very slowly, the way far off objects can seem still until you look away for a while and find they've shifted some distance when you look back. Tracks like Io work in that way; something changing gradually so you barely notice it, until at some point you no longer recognize it.

My musical influences are on my sleeve with this EP. Anyone who loves John Williams, Gerry Goldsmith or Gyorgy Ligeti will hopefully see what I'm drawing from, and how it then sits in an electronic context. Dark Jovian is a small personal project which is, nevertheless, dear to me: A one off indulgence into a genre that I love."

In anticipation of Greg Angus’ upcoming Los Angeles exhibition, ‘electronic’, Verve Projects is pleased to release Amon Tobin’s fingerprint painting.


These prints are based on Greg’s original encaustic paintings featuring the top electronic musicians in the world. The prints are a closed limited edition of 100, at 36” x 36” each, and they are hand signed by the artist Greg Angus and printed on the highest quality archival (museum quality) paper. Subsequently, the original paintings that these prints are derived from will be unveiled at an exhibition reception in Los Angeles in 2015. Exploring themes of identity in his work, the inspiration in Angus’ paintings are derived from fingerprints. In 2013, Angus met with Amon Tobin to collect his actual fingerprints. He subsequently manipulated them, developing interesting contours and shapes that he used to guide his painting. In his original paintings, his technique involves mixing oil paint with melted wax, (encaustic) and layering a myriad of colors over one another. He then scrapes and carves out his patterns creating texturally complex works. Earlier works have a close relation to the fingerprint Angus begins with, while more recent works have a looser, more organic interpretation. The work is rich with tactile detail, peaks, valleys, and ridges that characterize our distinctive physical stamp. Kinetic use of color is signature in Angus’ work. The high-saturation and brights vibrate with energy drawing us through many pathways in the image. Our natural inclination for individuality and our need to investigate and celebrate the diversity of experience on which we build our identities is reflected in Angus’ works, and reflected in his desire to honour truly exceptional individuals who have left their creative mark on the world.

It's no secret that both Amon Tobin & Kronos Quartet have long been in each others mutual appreciation societies. Kronos provided source material for Bloodstone from Amon's 2007 release Foley Rooma track that they went on to perform their own interpretation of at some of their shows. They also contributed their interpretation of Foley Room material "Foley Versions" to the Ninja Tune XX box set. And all this collaboration led to one of the best nights of Amon's career last October when he invited Kronos Quartet to open for his ambitious ISAM Live show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley (a night of amazing moments all around, not the least of which was the very first recorded incident of a bra being thrown on stage at Kronos). 

It's with all that that we're excited to announce that Amon has provided a new commissioned piece, V838 Monocerotis, to be played/debuted by Kronos Quartet as part of their forthcoming Kronos At 40 celebrations. Amon joins the likes of Philip Glass, Bryce Dessner (The National),  Aleksandra Vrebalov, Dan Deacon, Mary Kouyoumdjian, David T. Little, and others, plus two film scores and a volume of commissioned works published by Boosey & Hawkes.
Unfortunately the show tonight in Boston is cancelled for obvious reasons. We will do our best to reschedule and will update as we get word. ATHQ RESCHEDULED TO MAY 31. ALL ORIGINAL TICKETS HONORED.

many have been asking what was playing before curtain up at the recent ISAM shows. long time friend and collaborator in sound jamie harley was in fact mixing this live from front of house. amon and jamie have toured together for years knocking venue sound systems into shape before shows amongst other things but recently jamie was persuaded to share his impeccable taste in diacritic music to set the tone for the evening. enjoy!


Soundcrash proudly presents the only ever London showing of...









Friday 08 March 2013 at The Hammersmith Apollo //



Last ever chance to see one of the greatest shows in history. Only eight hundred

tickets left for the only showing of ISAM LIVE 2.0 in London! Amon Tobin’s

incredible ‘Beyond 3D’ experience has changed the live electronic music

experience for the better, so join us as we welcome back - and simultaneously

say farewell to - the most spectacular show of the past 2 years: bigger, louder

and better than ever.


In 2011 Amon Tobin showed the world what the future of live electronica looks like

with his incredible ‘Beyond 3D’ ISAM Live show. A world tour followed, including

sold out shows at The Roundhouse, Brixton Academy and the Sidney Opera House

(twice) to name but a few. And now, in 2012, Amon Tobin presents ISAM Live 2.0., an

evolution of ISAM meaning it’s bigger, louder and more spectacular than ever. With a

structure twice the size of its prior incarnation and new visuals set to a more beat-heavy

soundtrack from his Two Fingers side-project ISAM 2.0 is the audiovisual show to watch

in 2013. To make this occasion even more special this will be the first and last time

ISAM 2.0 visits the UK, as Amon moves on to concentrate on future projects.


“ Time to put the cubes away and work on new things. Before I stick them in the desert

and set them on fire though I'd like to do a final uk show as we've never built the full 2.0

set in europe.”


One of the UK’s most fascinating experimental music figures is in to support,

Actress, aka Darren J. Cunningham. Credited with some of the least predictable,

categorization-defying electronic dance music of the 2000s , Actress is “An artist

so underground that even his own friends doubt his existence”.


You really don’t want to miss this.


Please note: ISAM 2.0 contains strobe lighting and very loud music.


"The best performance I witnessed at Coachella (perhaps in my life): Brazilian DJ/

producer Amon Tobin." - MTV


“The future is coming and tonight in Brixton, Amon Tobin showed a few thousand of his

followers what it will look and feel like.” - Clash Magazine


“Every single layer of sound, from the crushing kick drums to the eye-wobbling sub bass

and crisp, clean, processed field recordings came to life through the Opera House’s

crystal clear system.” - The Music.Com.Au


• Watch ‘Lost & Found’ Live (from the ‘ISAM’ DVD), on Rolling Stone:


• Amon Tobin interview on Rolling Stone’s Rock Room:


• Information on the Amon Tobin


Amon Tobin presents the next brutalist masterpiece wired up under his Two Fingers guise, Vengeance Rhythm. A low-slung exercise in violence, brooding power and pure production smarts, in the words of a recent Resident Advisor feature, it's "a little like dubstep built on an interplanetary scale." The tune has been brought to life (and death) in a truly jaw-dropping video from stop-frame animator and director Chris Ullens. Ullens transforms a pile of toys, a love of super slo-mo explosions and a huge pile of mince into the funniest, most eye-popping and shocking exercise in animated ultra-violence since Walt Disney discovered Mickey and Donald were engaged in Un-American Activities together

"If you weren't at the Orpheum Theater see Amon Tobin there isn't much else to say -- except that whatever you did, it was the wrong thing to have done." – City Pages
"At his spellbinding, visually arresting show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre Sunday, Amon Tobin didn't say a word to the crowd. He didn't have to. Tobin's music, and his jaw-dropping visuals, did all the talking for him" – Detroit News 
"Deadly focus and intent." - The Wire


On October 8th, Amon Tobin will release Stunt Rhythms, his second album operating under his Two Fingers alias, via Big Dada/Ninja Tune. This week, Amon Tobin will invade New York City with a trio of events, including the latest stop of his incredibly A/V stimulating ISAM Live 2.0 Tour at the Hammerstein Ballroom this Friday, September 14th, an audio/visual art exhibition opening at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery on September 15th, and a headline DJ set that evening for the Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series.

Amon Tobin has called Stunt Rhythms his love letter to hip-hop, to the early elements of the culture built around innovation and freshness. Those elements permeate throughout Stunt Rhythms, including on recent single "101 South," which was recently featured by Pitchfork and is built around heavy synths and crashing break beats. Elsewhere, songs like "Snap" bring together off-kilter, bubbling synths and quick chops, breaking down classic hip-hop production to its constituent components, while other tracks, like "Razorback" and "Defender Rhythm" are likely better experienced (and danced to) than described.
As with all of Amon Tobin's projects, Stunt Rhythms will incorporate a strong visual presence, both through unique album packaging and through his heralded visual-heavy live performances. Stunt Rhythms will be released in a limited edition lemon-yellow three-LP format with a triptych dye cut sleeve that's truly stunning only available at the ISAM Live 2.0  merch table and on Saturday, September 15th, Amon Tobin will celebrate the opening of Control Over Nature, an audio/visual collaboration with award-winning artist Tessa Farmer that will be hosted at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery and run through October 6th. More information on the installation can be found here. Later that evening, Tobin will spin a special set for the Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series.

To support Stunt Rhythms, Amon Tobin is currently in the midst of a string of shows that started with two headline performances at Coachella earlier this year and followed with a sold-out night at London's Brixton Academy, a tour run through Australia, and another run through Europe. This fall, Amon Tobin has been touring stateside as a part of his ISAM Live 2.0 Tour. The tour will make a stops in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, and more. Amon Tobin has compared the tour's complex stage and light arrangements to that of an art installation, and recently sat down for an exclusive behind-the-scenes chat with Rolling Stone to discuss the setup. 

ISAM Live 2.0 Tour Dates: BUY TICKETS

09.13 Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theatre
09.14 New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom
09.15 New York, NY – Rocks Off Concert Cruise
09.17 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
09.19 Clemson, SC – Brooks Center
09.20 Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle
09.21 Orlando, FL – House Of Blues
09.22 Miami Beach, FL – The Fillmore at Jackie Gleason
09.24 Dallas, TX – Palladium Ballroom
09.25 Austin, TX – Austin Music Hall
09.27 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
10.05 Berkeley, CA – Greek Theatre Berkeley
10.12 Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre

Two Fingers' new album, Stunt Rhythms, will be released 1 October 2012 - pre-order and download "101 South" free HERE

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Amon Tobin marches to no one’s beat but his own. In a career spanning over ten years he has been connected to but never belonged to a host of scenes and styles. He has consistently made the music he feels he needs to make, not what other people think he ought to make, always exhibiting a level of attention to sonic detail which makes his music more intensely textured, beautiful and brutal than almost anyone’s out there.

Make no mistake – Stunt Rhythms is about beats and bass. The model for the album comes from Fools Rhythm (included here), one of the standout tracks from Ninja’s 20th anniversary 'XX' Boxset, an infectious mixture of playground melody, sharp beat and thunderous bass.

Although Amon’s love of the lower reaches of low end will undoubtedly cause people to reach for lazy comparisons with dubstep, Stunt Rhythms is in fact more accurately viewed as his love letter to hip hop – less the rampant consumerism of, say, G-Unit’s “Stunt 101” than the early culture of innovation and freshness, of showing off simply that you’re better at what you do than anyone else. So while tracks like “Snap” could be said to literally break down classic hip hop to its constituent components and put them back together in completely new shapes, the more uptempo tracks like “Razorback” come on like a whole new soundtrack for an as-yet-uninvented future pop-locking. If you imagine Mantronix as a Kenworth K100 truck, Two Fingers is what happens when the truck turns into Optimus Prime.

Uncompromising, muscular and powerful, the music of Two Fingers is also full of subtle touches, humour and a supple sense of rhythm. Which, when you think about it, is just showing off.

Stunt Rhythms is available to pre-order now at the Ninjashop.

Brand new download of the ISAM Live version of "Bedtime Stories" from the Amon Tobin Boxset:     


  • Watch ‘Lost & Found’ Live (from the ‘ISAM’ DVD), on Rolling Stone:

  • Watch ‘Bedtime Stories/Lost And Found/ Slowly’ - Live From Coachella, 2012:

  • Amon Tobin interview on Rolling Stone’s Rock Room:

  • Information on the Amon Tobin Boxset:

    Picking up from where Amon Tobin’s ISAM Live left at the end of 2011, the immersive A/V show made an even bigger imprint on the world of electronic music in the past 2 months. ISAM Live started off 2012 with rapturous response at two Coachella headline performances this year. Overseas, a sold-out night at London’s Brixton Academy was shortly followed by a tour run in Australia, which included two sold-out back-to-back performances at the iconic Sydney Opera House in June. The performances, which were streamed live from Sydney, accumulated over 500,000 views. ISAM additionally made a hugely celebrated appearance at Sonar festival in Barcelona on June 15th.

    ‘ISAM’ itself also received further accolades by winning ‘Best Creative Packaging’ (for Tobin’s collaboration with visual artist Tessa Farmer) at A2IM’S Libera Awards last week.

    For the Autumn run of dates throughout America, ISAM Live 2.0 will launch: introducing the new ISAM construction, enhanced with new audio and visual elements. Part of the new content in the ISAM Live show will be composed of forthcoming Two Fingers material. Tobin will be revealing new music from his beat-oriented alias, in celebration of the highly anticipated sophomore album due this Fall on Big Dada. All past ISAM Live shows have sold out, so get your tickets now or be lost in the dust come fall.

    "The best performance I witnessed at Coachella (perhaps in my life): Brazilian DJ/ producer Amon Tobin." - MTV

    “The future is coming and tonight in Brixton, Amon Tobin showed a few thousand of his followers what it will look and feel like.” - Clash Magazine

    “Every single layer of sound, from the crushing kick drums to the eye-wobbling sub bass and crisp, clean, processed field recordings came to life through the Opera House’s crystal clear system.” - The Music.Com.Au

Amon Tobin [Plus Guests] – ISAM Live 2.0 Tour 

09/01/12 Seattle, Washington: Moore Theatre
09/02/12 Portland, Oregon: Roseland Theater
09/04/12 Denver, Colorado: Ellie Caulkins Opera House
09/06/12 Minneapolis, Minnesota: Orpheum Theatre
09/07/12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Rave
09/08/12 Chicago, Illinois: Congress Theater
09/09/12 Detroit, Michigan: Royal Oak Music Hall
09/10/12 Toronto, Ontario: Kool Haus
09/12/12 Boston, Massachusetts: House of Blues
09/13/12 Montclair, New Jersey: Wellmont Theatre
09/14/12 New York, New York: Hammerstein Ballroom
09/17/12 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Electric Factory
09/19/12 Clemson, South Carolina: Brooks Center at Clemson University 

09/20/12 Atlanta, Georgia: The Tabernacle

09/21/12 Orlando, Florida: House of Blues
09/22/12 Miami, Florida: The Fillmore at Jackie Gleason
09/24/12 Dallas, Texas: Palladium Ballroom
09/25/12 Austin, Texas: Austin Music Hall
09/27/12 San Diego, California: House Of Blues
10/05/12 Berkeley, California: Greek Theatre Berkeley
10/12/12 Los Angeles, California: Greek Theatre