We are very excited to announce that, over the course of the next few days, we will be re-launching the web store. The shop will carry his entire digital back catalogue of music released on Ninja Tune, Two Fingers material released on Big Dada, independent projects such as the Taxidermia soundtrack, as well as special compositions such as these.
A hint sequel! New trailer for the mysterious 'Esther's' video. We are proud to announce the video will premiere on Tuesday Sept 7th here on and Stay tuned for exciting new developments!
Click here for a small taste (a stab, if you will) of the upcoming 'Esther's' video directed by Charles De Meyer (aka Chuck Eklectric) to scramble your brain just so... Stay tuned for video launch coming soon.
Amon Tobin experimenting at his studio with some sounds designed for the album in progress. He is also playing with the "Skimmer Synth" bass sound made especially for the Noisia remix of 'Machine Gun'. Check out the videos below: 'Designer Sounds' clip 'Liquifyer' clip
Ninja Tune announced the tracklisting for its monster 20th anniversary box set due out in September, and boy, talk about being stacked fat with proper tunes.   Good news for all you Amon fans: fresh new Amon Tobin and Two Fingers material will be featured on the compilation!

Carl Rinsch's 'The Gift', scored by Amon Tobin, won the Film Craft Grand Prix at the prestigious Cannes Lions Advertising Awards on June 28th 2010.

Perhaps you remember a little album called Foley Room released in 2007 to tremendous critical and fan acclaim?

Whilst listening to 'Esther's', one aspiring director bore witness to a strange film unfolding in his mind's eye. Luckily, he decided share his vision with us all.

This summer will premiere Chuck Eklectic's stunning visual take on the song. Details for the launch coming soon.


On his 2007 Foley Room album, Amon collaborated with the critically-acclaimed, Grammy Award-winning US string quartet gods Kronos Quartet. This 'meeting of the minds' was but one manifestation of their mutual respect and admiration for each other's work. In fact, Kronos Quartet has covered pieces by Amon Tobin in their live shows for years.

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming Ninja Tune 20th Anniversary compilation will feature a recording of the illustrious quartet's take on selected works from Amon's repertoire. Take a look at their breathtaking interpretation of 'Bloodstone' here for a taste.

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Ninja Tune is celebrating their 20th anniversary in style. The label recently announced a Sept 20th "big-as-big-bollo*ks" boxed set release, featuring 3 hardcover cases stuffed with CDs, 7"s, videos and a book "Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces" by Steve Chick.

Amon Tobin has been a huge part of Ninja Tune's history and will be prominently featured in this glorious compilation. We'll be leaking more details over the next few weeks. For now, let's just say there may be some stunning remixes…possibly some fresh Two Fingers music…quite likely incredible reinterpretations of selected Amon works…perhaps an insanely awesome new video…and maybe, just maybe, a sneak peek at some new music from Amon's upcoming album.

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Carl Rinsch is a visionary filmmaker and member of Ridley Scott's RSA team, currently on board with Universal to direct 47 Ronin and a remake of the cult classic Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Rinsch directed a short film called The Gift (watch the film in HD here) as part of Philips' 'Parallel Lines' campaign, and asked Amon Tobin to compose the score, setting the tone for this dystopian tale. 

As a special treat, we are pleased to present an alternate sketch of the chase scene that did not appear in the final film version. Watch it here, and enjoy!