Scores & Music Placement

Title Year Licensed work
Project X 2012 Rhino Jockey
XBOX Kinect Crispin's Fitness [Game] 2012 Two Fingers - That Girl
Rampart [Film] 2012 Ester's, Two Fingers - Two Fingers & Fools Rhythm
Luck [TV] 2012 Rhino Jockey
...Like There's No Tomorrow [Film] 2011 Journeyman
Weed Wars [TV] 2011 Mighty Micro People
All.I.Can [Film] 2011 One Last Look
Driver: San Francisco [Game] 2011 Two Fingers - Two Fingers
Adidas [Ad] 2011 Two Fingers - Fool's Rhythm
Pina [Fim] 2011 Deo, Delpher, Ruthless, Like Regular Chickens
Mechanic [Film] 2011 Verbal
Braun [Ad] 2011 Two Fingers
Nike Soccer [Ad] 2011 Ester's
Weeds [TV] 2011 Bridge
Light the Wick [Film] 2010 Two Fingers - Straw Men
Splinter Cell Conviction [Game] 2010

Original Music and Sound Design

HDNet [Ad] 2010 Slowly
Nissan Qashqai [Ad] 2010 Four Ton Mantis
Shadow Boxing 3 2010 Four Ton Mantis, At The End Of The Day
Colryut [Ad] 2010 Bridge
So You Think You Can Dance Canada [TV] 2009

Big Furry Head, Foley Room, Bloodstone, Bridge

Need For Speed: Nitro [Game] 2009 Jewels and Gems
Molson [Ad] 2009

Four Ton Mantis

Black Winter [Film] 2009

Keman Rhythm

Family Business [Film] 2009

At The End of The Day; Bloodstone; Big Furry Head

Aftermath [Film] 2009

Ten Piece Metric Wrench Set

The Power of Four [Film] 2009


Need for Speed: Shift [Game] 2009 High Life
Eliminate [Game] 2009

Mighty Micro People

Quiet Way [Ad] 2009

Proper Hoodidge

Progression [Film] 2009


Break A Mirror [Multi Media] 2009

Ever Falling

Frenchkiss - Generation Trudeau/Just Watch Me [Film] 2009


RIP: A Remix Manifesto [Film] 2009


Infamous [Game] 2009

Original Score and In-Game Music

Drop Dead Gorgeous [TV] 2009

Keep Your Distance; Straight Strike; Esther's

Made In America [Film] 2009

Rhino Jockey

Pina Bausch BAM Performance 2008 Untitled, Yasawas, Fat Ass Joint, Ruthless
America, I Am: The African American Imprint [Multi Media] 2008

Apollo (Cujo)

The Fine Line [Multi Media] 2008

Keep Your Distance

21 (Feature film) 2008


Wipeout HD 2008


Need For Speed 2009 [Game] 2008

Mighty Micro People

Food Jammers III [TV] 2008

Sordid (ep. 3028); The Killer's Vanilla (ep. 3030)

Suunto Watches [Multi Media] 2008

Foley Room

Motorstorm Pacific Rift [Game] 2008

Trick Step

Corporate Video [Web] 2008


Out There [Multi Media] 2008

Always; At The End of The Day

It's Always Snowing Somewhere [Film] 2008

Always; Keep Your Distance

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 [Game] 2008


Lightning Strikes Campaign and "Somewhere.." [Multi Media] 2008

At The End of The Day; Keep Your Distance

Taxidermia (Feature Film) 2007


Amon Tobin & Kid Koala - [Web] 2007


Folly of Two [Film] 2007

Saboteur, Bridge, Stoney Street, Night Life

Current TV POD - Witness [TV] 2007


For [Web] 2007

Get Your Snack On

LA Noir (Multi Media) 2007

Easy Muffin

Light In Liquid (Film) 2007


The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (Multi Media) 2007

Proper Hoodige

Hyundai [Ad] 2007

Chocolate Lovely

Shadow Run [Game] 2007

Rhino Jockey 

Sexy Body Workout (Multi Media) 2007

Easy Muffin

Crackdown [Game] 2007

Various Songs

The Courier [TV] 2007

Various Songs

Top Gear [TV] 2007

Various Songs

All Aboard the Crazy Train (Short Film) 2006

Chocolate Lovely, Deo, Four Ton Mantis

Candy (Feature Film) 2006


Hummer H3X [Ad] 2006

Proper Hoodidge

Lord of the Rings (Trailer) 2005


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Video Game) 2005


Impact (Feature Film) 2005

Get Your Snack On

Quality of Life (Feature Film) 2005

Get Your Snack On

Sin City [Trailer] 2005


Toonami - Cartoon Network [TV] 2005

Various Songs

The Getaway Black Monday [Game] 2005

Original Music

BMW [Ad] 2004

Sordid; Get Your Snack On

Les Anges Malicieux (Short Film) 2004
Littoral (Feature Film) 2004

Deo, Natureland, Four Ton Mantis, Keepin It Steel, Wires & Snakes, Rhino Jockey

S.W.A.T. (Feature Film) 2004

Rhino Jockey

Angels (Short Film) 2004

Easy Muffin

Scorched (Feature Film) 2003


The Italian Job (Feature FIlm) 2003


Gumball 3000 [Film] 2003

Chocolate Lovely

Enter The Matrix [Game] 2003

Stuck in The Loop

The Recruit (Trailer) 2002


Spiderman (Trailer) 2002


Yadon Ilaheyya (Feature Film) 2002

Easy Muffin

25th Hour (Trailer) 2002


Countdown (Feature Film) 2002

Golfer vs. Boxer

Coca-Cola [Ad] 2001

Four Ton Mantis; DEO