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“I guess I’ve split myself into two things, Two Fingers being about beat-making and bass music and much more to do with DJing and then there’s my own stuff, which is more like a sort of weird art project that I’ve been working on for 15 years.”

AT, 2014 (Beatport interview)

While some people might be surprised by Only Child Tyrant, "Really? A... rock record?" Long-time listeners will be able to join the dots between this material and earlier releases.

It was there in Get Your Snack On from the Supermodified album, and many of the tracks on Chaos Theory. Amon's DJ sets often weave the odd guitar-based track among the rest.

And to take a real deep cut, the most erudite of superfans will recall the infamous Slayer bootleg.

So it's not a diversion—Only Child Tyrant is bringing a familiar beat back, with an even stronger focus.

Nomark provides the opportunity for Only Child Tyrant to flourish alongside the cryptic Tobin albums, the bruising Two Fingers rhythms, and the psych-folk of Figueroa, with yet more guises waiting in the wings.

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