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Amon Tobin Studio Tour Series

“when I started posting on here (the nomark club message board) and asked what you might like to see more of a lot of you mentioned studio insights. so I've made a series of videos that we'll be uploading over the next weeks/months. we’ll post a few of them on youtube and for the most part they’ll be exclusive to the club.

I looked at studio tours out there and saw some interesting ones. but also a lot of pointing at gear, naming it and moving on so I thought it might be good to try and go a little more in depth where I could. basically working through each piece and talking a bit about why I use it and showing how I use it.

this first one is a general introduction to the room and the series that hopefully gives some context for it. the next ones will zoom in on specific gear.”

Incidentally, if you’re a member (or future member) of the Nomark Club, Amon regularly posts music, audio sketches, studio insights and comments on the board he mentioned above here:


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