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Announcing the Nomark Club

The Nomark Club: A Year-Long Subscription Service

Amon Tobin's label, Nomark Records, was established this year as the new home for all of his musical projects.

We are proud to announce one more of these new projects as we release the brand new Amon Tobin single ‘One Shy Morning’ and announce the October release of the second Amon Tobin album of 2019, ‘Long Stories’.

But before you rush to buy it, we've got another way for you to get hold of the music and also support us.

You want to own all music that Amon produces, and that’s why we’re launching the Nomark Club. It’s your gateway to all the albums and singles that we release officially, and a slew of other material that will only be available through this service.

The Nomark Club Volume 1 is a subscription service, which will run for a 12-month period from 27th September 2019 to 26th September 2020.

Sign up for a one-time payment $60 USD, that covers your membership for the whole 12 months. The equivalent of $5 per month.

You will receive a link to download all of the following as they are released

· ‘Long Stories’ - The brand new AMON TOBIN album, which is due for release in October, and any related singles · An album’s worth of TWO FINGERS releases · Plus releases from each of Amon's other new projects—STONE GIANTS, FIGUEROA and PAPERBOY

...and even more planned bonus material, coming first to Club members!

You will also be able to download everything Nomark has released up to now

· ‘Fear in a Handful of Dust’, which was released at the end of April: the first new AMON TOBIN album since ISAM · The debut album from ONLY CHILD TYRANT ‘Time to Run’ and any related singles · You Ain’t Down and 296 Rhythm: the TWO FINGERS singles recently released on Nomark

That’s going to be 200-plus minutes of music produced by Amon, all included with your subscription and available to you on each release date.

All Club members will receive the entirety of Volume 1.

Even if you join at a later stage during the 12-month period, you will still get the releases you missed.


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