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Happy Birthday to Us

We Made it! How is that possible?

“This is what happened then. In 2019 I was at a bit of a crossroads. I’d gone offline for a number of years since touring my biggest record on ninja tune while I developed a batch of albums under different aliases. namely Two Fingers, Figueroa, Only Child Tyrant and Stone Giants.

The choice was to either keep releasing records as I had done or to set up something to house all this material under one roof with full control, ownership and the freedom to fail in spectacular fashion.

So with the help of some friends I decided to make the label Nomark. Rolling the dice, in a sense, that people who want the same shit over and over are already well served but the more adventurous might want to explore less familiar ground together.

All that to say this label should have crashed and burned almost immediately but somehow it didn’t. Nomark is seven albums deep now and still going because you cared to step out into the wilderness with me. Thanks for coming and it’s a pleasure to have you along.”

-amon tobin

The single On a Hilltop Sat The Moon was released on February 15th 2019 and Nomark was born.

7 full length albums; vinyl, singles, EP collaborations and 4 new aliases all unveiled in 3 years.

You’ve bought and streamed the music and supported the vinyl releases.

You’ve watched the videos and helped us to spread the word and some of you have joined the Nomark Club and can enjoy the exclusive tunes stored up there for your delectation and delight. Whatever you’ve done to back Nomark, we hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far.

And we want to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported the label in these first 3 years.

The journey so far:


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