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Thoughts on NFT's

I’ve spent some time thinking about objective and subjective value and how it relates to music. Arguably a significant impact on the subjective value of music has been made through it becoming untethered from objectively tangible formats.

Ownership of intangible digital formats has been largely rendered irrelevant through a rational lack of incentive, but the desire to support artists through having a stake in what they create is still there. NFT’s as a concept represent a shift in incentive for ownership of intangible formats. Attributing subjective value to an objectively challenging creative endeavor.

Regardless, on what position we take on whether value is attributed proportionally to any art or it’s form factor, it’s an interesting development and one worth exploring as an artist looking to sustain what they do.

All that being said, here at Nomark we're partnering with Catalog to release the album How Do You Live as standalone audio NFT's to explore this further:


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