Due to extraordinary public demand Soundcrash are pleased to announce a second UK outing for Amon Tobin’s spell-binding, epic live Audiovisual show presenting his latest album ISAM on November 24 at HMV Forum.

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The news just keeps coming in for the Amon Tobin ISAM Live tour! If you haven't gotten your tickets now, they're moving quite quickly, with Los Angeles and BOTH NY dates already sold out. (For the stats nerds: first NY show sold out in 14 days, second show sold out in 16 days, all 11 weeks prior to show dates!) A second San Francisco date as well has been added to accommodate the less than 100 tickets available for night one, and a new LA-area date has been added to the already ambitious tour run. In addition to the new stops, support acts have been announced, with Ninja Tune bass diva Emika opening most dates in support of her upcoming self-titled debut release as well as the SF-based Eskmo in select spots.

The Dates

Wed. 09-28-11, Vancouver BC, Vogue Theatre
Thu. 09-29-11, Seattle WA, Paramount Theatre (Decibel Festival) w/Baths, TOKiMONSTA
Sat. 10-01-11, San Francisco CA, The Warfield *LESS THAN 100 TICKETS LEFT!* w/Eskmo
Sun. 10-02-11, San Francisco CA, The Warfield *NEW* w/Eskmo
Sat. 10-15-11, Pomona CA, Fox Theater *NEW* w/Eskmo, Emika
Sun. 10-16-11, Los Angeles CA, Music Box At The Henry Fonda Theater *SOLD OUT* w/Eskmo, Emika
Tue. 10-18-11, Boulder CO, Boulder Theatre w/Emika
Wed. 10-19-11, Denver CO, Ogden Theatre w/Emika
Fri. 10-21-11, Chicago IL, Congress Theater w/Emika
Sun. 10-23-11, Toronto ON, Opera House w/Emika
Mon. 10-24-11, Montreal PQ, Metropolis w/Emika
Tue. 10-25-11, Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Masonic Temple *SOLD OUT* w/Emika
Wed. 10-26-11, Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Masonic Temple *SOLD OUT* w/Emika
Fri. 10-29-11, Asheville NC, Moog Fest

Emika - "Pretend" Live:

Eskmo - "We Got More":


For the first time in Amon Tobin's career, he's now able to perform a show based around the concept of an album and deliver a truly unique visual experience to go along with his renowned audio experiences. Tobin has officially stepped away from previous DJ centric performances, and is now bringing a large scale live audio/visual experience of his latest album ISAM to select cities around the world.

A truly visual onslaught - abstract narrative, subtle and bombastic - using projection mapping, generative/audio reactive real time and pre-rendered elements combined with custom software to control the show. The visual elements have been synched to ISAM to make a large scale next level HD experience.

The show features a stunning 25' x 14' x 8' multi-dimensional/ shape shifting 3-D art installation surrounding Tobin and enveloping him and the audience in a beyond 3-D experience. Amon conceptualized the show as a projection mapped "visual score" to the music from ISAM. He performs the music as a navigator of a large craft through a surreal visual narrative. The spectacular mapped content follows the framework of the narrative carefully storyboarded between Amon and Vello Virkhaus then realized through internationally published, award winning V Squared Labs in collaboration with Leviathan. A collaborative feat between the minds madmen, scientists and visionaries.

Leading the animation and interactive team for the ISAM Live project inlclude directors Vello Virkhaus & Matt Daly. V Squared team has an impressive visual experience design resume including 50cent, Erick Morillo, Paul Oakenfold, Marquee Las Vegas, Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers amongst others. Creative Director Alex Lazarus (blasthaus) who has been on the production crew at Coachella Festival for eleven years, and has worked with everyone from Flying Lotus, Boys Noize, and Massive Attack, to Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Designing the set is Heather Shaw from Vitamotus Design Studio, who has designed award winning stages and environments for festivals and exhibits around the world. Building the set is Stefano Novelli.

MUTEK Recap:

"Amon Tobin’s massively ambitious live setup seems to have to be seen to be believed." -The Daily Swarm

“The concert of the future, today” -Gizmodo

"ISAM's live show looks like a mindf*&k of the highest order." -Wired

"Impressive show from Amon Tobin tonight... 3D mapping overload!!! Congrats!" Richie Hawtin (@rhawtin)

"... and now for something inspirring. Holy shit Amon... holy shit."Deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

"WOW look at Amon Tobin's live show:" Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris)

Congratulations to Charles De Meyer on taking home the Young Director Award for the Esthers Video.

We all knew it was an AMAZING video, so we are very excited to have some official recognition of Charles De Meyers' talent.

The Young Director's award is now in its 14th year - to check out the site as well as view the work of other works selected Click Here to go to the Young Director Award Site.

To watch Esther's Click here.


Goto 10 from ISAM was selected as NPR Music's song of the day for July 6 - check out the article and listen to the track:


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“Surge” is one of the short, sweet, standout moments of a remarkable record. Beautiful and mournful, it sounds a little like two lovers being strafed with dark matter. As Tobin explains, “'Surge' isn't a story or anything, but in the interests of painting a picture it could be about trying to hold the reins on blasts of electrical energy or some such thing - trying to guide it while avoiding getting turned to powder. I think of Tesla with his mad machines doing his best to channel overpowering natural forces into something he can control and utalise.”

First up on the remix tip is none other than… Amon Tobin himself, who in his more Two Fingers guise, ups the beats and the sub-bass for a satisfyingly heavy experience. Labelmate Emika, a long-time admirer of Amon’s work, reinvents the tune as a fragile, almost churchlike experience, her Czech singing delicate but strangely powerful. 16bit take up the last place on the EP turning in a raw, bass-heavy dubstepper which takes us a long way from where we started but in a very satisfying way!

Enough reading about it though! Have a listen to all 4 versions for free now at the shop:

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If you'd like to download the Emika version of Surge free, Click Here to grab it from Emika's site.

Also - we've added the ISAM Shirts to the shop as a separate item, but the best deal is to pick it up either with the Surge 12" LP, or as part of the ISAM Deluxe (Shirt, Limited Edition Artbook, 2xLP and download of ISAM).

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Last - a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been supporting ISAM, as well as ISAM live. The UK / EU dates for ISAM live are now completely sold out.

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"Amon Tobin unveils incredible 3d set for ISAM tour"

--Wired Read more here.

"ISAM's live show looks like a mindfuck of the highest order."

--Wired Read more here.

"Amon Tobin put on a visual supershow"

-- Brooklyn Vegan read more here

Amon Tobin Builds a Crazy Live Set...Here's hoping we get to see it in the U.S.

--SF Weekly

Some kind words from friends:

"Impressive show from Amon Tobin tonight... 3D mapping overload!!! Congrats!" Richie Hawtin (@rhawtin)

 "... and now for something inspirring. Holy shit Amon... holy shit."Deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

"WOW look at Amon Tobin's live show:" Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris)

For those of you who have is what is in store for you!

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A massive thanks from Amon Tobin HQ to all the press coverage and reviews for ISAM and ISAM Live!

"Amon Tobin unveils incredible 3d set for ISAM tour"

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Creative Review - Record Sleeves of the Month

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Some kind words from the press

"...undeniably wierd but indescribably wonderful" 10 out of 10 iDJ (Album of the month)

"ISAM live has raised the bar, and with the kind of attention it's gained, what remains to be seen now is how other artists will follow in its footsteps." -Resident Advisor 5/5

"ISAM's live show looks like a mindf*&k of the highest order." -Wired

"The ISAM show was truly breathtaking... Amon Tobin has now tested the limits of audio/visual performance and set a new benchmark." -Quietus

"Tobin has set a new benchmark for live electronic music with this deafening, dazzling and exhilarating assault on the sense." -Times 4/5

"This is how to put on a show. Mind-melting." -Line Of Best Fit

"One of the most ambitious showcases for an album ever." -The Morning Star

"Amon Tobin raised the bar for electronic musicians everywhere, sucking the audience into a world like no other." -Music Fix

"The concert of the future, today." -Gizudo

"Amon Tobin’s massively ambitious live setup seems to have to be seen to be believed." -The Daily Swarm

"…an incredibly ambitious visual performance that went off without a hitch and proved to be one hell of a way to launch MUTEK 2011." -Exclaim!

“The shape of the new…” The Independent

“…curious, seductive beauty…” NME

"Amon Tobin creates aural treasures each time he touches studio equipment." Pitchfork

“Fiendishly dense and darkly evocative” The Guardian

“…a quantum leap into unknown territory…” WIRE

“Bewitching” The Times

“…his subtle genius places him forever one step ahead of the listener and several light years in front of his contemporaries.” Uncut

Some kind words from friends:

"Impressive show from Amon Tobin tonight... 3D mapping overload!!! Congrats!" Richie Hawtin (@rhawtin)

 "... and now for something inspirring. Holy shit Amon... holy shit."Deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

"WOW look at Amon Tobin's live show:" Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris)

Kind words from all kinds:


ISAM Reviews

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Live Rehearsal Coverage/ ISAM Live

Crypt Gallery coverage


Thanks to everyone for all these fantastic reviews and to the team at Ninja Tune! 

"Amon tobin was one of the reasons I signed to ninja back in the day He's incepted from the drum n bass scene but became so much more.. And was a link to me between sampling / synths / spookyness / straight party. He always looked out for me and showed support before the rest!"

"How does that cat do it?! keep pushing his sounds further out... i love his shit"
Flying Lotus

"Amon is truly unique, one of the all time brightest stars in the electronic world."
Mike Patton

"Through his arrangements, sound design and engineering its clear to me that Amon is undoubtably one of electronic music's greatest wizards."

"There are very few artists like Amon Tobin who have made such a long lasting and multi dimensional impression on me. I hold John Cage, Tom Waits, Susumu Yokota, Peter Gabriel and Aphex Twin in the same regard."

"Since 1998 ive known that Amon Tobin can make sounds from the inside of a fax machine into some of the heaviest beats on earth."
The Gaslamp Killer

"Amon's sense of orchestration is superb. Like Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, and Maurice Ravel before him his palette is wide and refreshing. I love that his musical vision is unbounded and is expanding at a faster rate than the rest of the universe. The music of Amon Tobin makes me feel more alive."
David Harrington (Kronos Quartet)

"Amon tobin has very kind eyes, and beautiful soft hair. Besides that (that and his gentle voice) his music is also a constant inspiration and has been a major influence on us."
Thijs (Noisia)

Check out the preview for Amon Tobin's all new, highly ambitious, breathtaking 'ISAM' live show.

Tobin will be stepping away from previous DJ centric performances, and instead will be providing a large scale live audio/visual experience to select cities around the world. Designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design and Leviathan amongst others.

To mark the release of Amon Tobin's highly anticipated new album 'ISAM', due for release May 23rd, the electronic pioneer has come together with highly respected Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer on a revolutionary, collaborative installation.

'Control Over Nature' will combine Amon Tobin's sound design and elements of the forthcoming album, alongside Farmer's trademark sculptures (constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, dead insects and bones). Hovering with a rarefied, jewel-like beauty,Tessa's tiny spectacles resound with a theurgist exotica: their specimen forms borrow from Victorian occultism to evolve as something alien and futuristic.

The collaboration perfectly captures the themes surrounding 'ISAM': sensory deprivation, disorienting situationism and the mechanisation of natural things.

"There is common ground between Tessa and I" says Amon, "we're both re-arranging and augmenting natural elements to make something imagined but tangible. We are both exploring new uses for familiar materials, or in Tessa's case familiar creatures. I'm trying to take an objective approach to all my source material, whether it's field recording or synthesis based or a mixture of the two. I'm treating it all as musically/creatively relevant and useful."

Tessa's work will feature heavily throughout the 'ISAM' campaign as a whole, with the album artwork being dedicated to her creatures: "ISAM is beautiful, surprising, playful, disturbing and unnerving at times. It has an incredible energy, to which I am responding to instinctively, conjuring scenes that reflect the varying moods of the tracks. The scenes are action packed, but frozen in motion - to be animated by the viewer's imagination and Amon's music."

'Control Over Nature' will run at The Crypt Gallery in Euston from Thursday 26th May until Sunday 5th June 2011, with the private view taking place on Wednesday 25th May (6-9pm). There will also be a limited number of signed prints on sale.