Splinter Cell: Conviction, the much-anticipated next chapter in the Sam Fisher saga, has finally hit store shelves.

As a tribute to the classic score for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Amon Tobin was invited back to score the final level of SC:C. In addition, Amon scored the music for the main menu as well as for some key exhilarating cinematics at different points in the game.

There are a few versions of different Amon-composed tracks, so on the 'Featured Tracks' playlist we've shared those specifically scored for key scenes.

We'll be featuring alternate versions and bonus unreleased sketch tracks in the weeks to come.

And for a special treat, we are giving away a suspense track Amon created "just for kicks" that was too creepy for the game.

Time to light a candle to battle the darkness in the hearts of men…

Ableton users, consider yourselves sorted.

You can now grab the specially-crafted 'Fine Objects' sample set ready to drop into Ableton, and immediately get busy chopping and freaking the field recordings that built the song.

Head on over to for a FREE Ableton Sample Pack download, and then check out the tutorial video hosted by IllGates for some inspiration.

'Fine Objects' is the fruit of an utterly devastating collaboration between Amon Tobin and talented up-and-comer Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu) under the name Eskamon. Sonic exploration and manipulated field recordings form the backbone of this alien bass monster. Disparate pieces of sound woven together from broken harps, parking garage elevators, everyday soundscapes and droning tones from discarded pianos are refined to set the imagination ablaze. It's quite unlike anything you've ever heard before.

'Fine Objects' is now available for sale via Ancestor Media in WAV and MP3 formats at, the Amon Tobin webstore and fine digital retailers everywhere.

To get your hands on the unique 'Fine Objects' sound bank, head to to grab a FREE WAV sample pack download.

Welcome to the future.

Amon's been brought in to contribute music for the climactic scenes of the next installment of the Splinter Cell game series. Check back soon for more info, previews and an official release schedule!

Amon has recently completed a remix for production futurists Noisia.  Amon rarely does remixes but made an exception for their track Machine Gun set to be released March 8th, 2010.  The single also features remixes by Spor and 16bit.


Amon also collaborated with Noisia on the track 'Sunhammer' which caused a stir on Amon's last tour


The track is so heavy it will arrive in two manifestations the first of which can be heard on Noisia's full length album "Split The Atom" this April.

Amon has a brand new single.  And it's a scorcher.  It's called HEY MR TREE and it's available now exclusively in the STORE.  In MP3 or WAV formats.

Just what you've been waiting for.  A high quality Amon Tobin Tattoo Transfer.  Don't get made fun of at school anymore for not being down.  Show your everlasting devotion.  Well, maybe a whole week if you don't shower! Tattoos are in stock and ready to ship!

Amon is hunkered down in his studio deep in the redwoods of Northern Californian and has begun work on a new album. In addition to researching and developing new production tools and techniques of his own, he's ensconced himself in a whole new array of gadgetry from the past and the future that will help continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with sound and music.

Tour dates and outside projects have been put on the back burner for now - Amon recently tuned down a lucrative high profile scoring opportunity amongst other things- in order to focus solely on what can best be described as an auditory space walk. 

We'll be posting new info as the album progresses but be prepared for a long haul, these are the outer limits after all.  Keep checking back or sign up on the mailing list to stay in the loop.

Amon has collaborated on a new track with this month's featured artist Eskmo. It was all made with field recordings which will also be available as a sample pack in the next couple of months.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info! The new Eskmo track - "Sister, you Have Got To Listen" is available for FREE exclusively at - download the track here!


We're very pleased to announce that the new is here to take us from the aughts to the teens in this very exciting 21st Century.  We'll have lots of new features son the site including MORE new music from Amon - new features such as a new monthly featured artists with free exclusive content; new merchandise all in a new simpler, streamlined format for easier access to new content dropping on a regular basis.  Buckle up!